It is suggested that you agree with the privacy policies which is available for Whatever solutions you receive from travel specialists is valuable and you can always access to official site in compliance with the user important guidelines.
You may also aware about responsibilities as an official site use through following these guidelines. The privacy policies must be aware and followed. If you are not being agreed with any of mentioned statements make sure you are not using the official site any more. if your agreement doesn’t not vary then, it is supposed that you keep our Privacy policy.

What Kind Of Information Do We Gather?

We gather all the kinds of data that are direct or indirect interest to the organisation. Your all records that include your name, date of birth or the mandatory contact details, email address and postal code will be found from our official site as you go for browsing for any ticket, booking or any registration as a user.

How Do We Gather All The Information?

The website gathers reliable information for possible advertising when you go for searching for a worthwhile flight and posting it for your preferences and demands.

This data is gained from the website when a customer mentions his contact details and other information to complete the reservation.

Your personal information and contact details is being stored as you log in as a user of the website

We are using cookies and other relevant methods to seizure the apps and other kinds of technical knowledge that automatically comes from our website.

Usage of Data

The data that is collected is used further and thus assured to strengthen programmes and help you when you visit the website. Card numbers, contact details is going to be used to pay for the price of the product on our website. The directory includes relevant contact details to confirm your bookings. At, we make sure you are not distressed by the information we collect. The main aim is to give you wiser search results and tailor-made facilities.

Change Of Privacy Policy

We keep on changing the data security policy which depends on the market and this transition or move takes place without any warning. Before you go for a visit to website you must keep up to date with the relevant policies. You must be informed that we are not responsible for any kind of fault. If the customer has access to the website after the update then it is important to know that user follows the policy carefully.

Cookies Policy

To collect the data that enables you to monitor while browsing the websites, you can use technology and methodology which includes “Tags”,” Cookies”, other same technologies.

We are using these technologies to validate you as a client, make sure you remember web habits, the important deals and promote transactions. For example, purchases and travel searches. We can merge this data with the proper information that we have already collected related to you.

This data can be included. Cookies are just small pieces of data which your web browser stores on your computer. You must be aware that tiny strings of code is web beacons or pixel tags for a web page or on email to transfer data. Other cookies and other technology covered in this section that allow you to monitor all transactions to recognize and to make effective use of website possible.

Safety of your Data

The information that is received or gathered from our customers is always keep restricted and safe with the help of access services who are available here. We try to obey and follow all the rules and regulations to maintain the protection of the information of the customers. we try to maintain the secrecy of all the relevant rules and other important requirements in these personal data repositories. We also understand that the collected data is for the customers and they always appreciate your trust in them.

Third-party links

We can comprise to add all the links to third-party sites for our relevant sites and online facilities. Any kind of access and the usage of similar websites are not run by this policy but it is governed by a third-party privacy policy. We are not aiming to handle the knowledge activities of a third-party websites. You are allowed to contact us for any kind of query or complaints related to the privacy policies our site. You can also call us directly through phone or visit to reach for any kind of support.

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